Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Leland! Happy Halloween!

I entered a pumpkin carving contest that Zipcar held. Here's one photo of the finished product, treated to the neon effect at Picnik. Mama's on the left of the photo, holding the pumpkin at a tilt for me to take the photo. She's a trooper!

Here's the photo that I submitted to the contest. Although there were no specifics about whether or not the photo had to be unaltered, I decided to err on the side of caution and merely crop my submission. My idea was to have the big pumpkin be the Zipcar and the two little ones be the wheels. So that the entire Jack-o-lantern grin could be seen, I sat the pumpkin on an upside down bowl. On Friday, 10/29, I got an e-mail stating that while I didn't win the big prize, they so liked my pumpkin that I would get $15 driving credit! Hooray!

Leland is 32 today. Happy Birthday, honey! Here he is with his darling girlfriend Kailey. I took this photo on Super Bowl Sunday, 2010. Click on my Sept. 24th post for lots and lots of photos of both sons, mostly from when they were little boys. You'll be glad you looked at them because, like any proud Mama would say, they're mighty cute!

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