Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seen through the plate glass window of the Goodwill Store on West Burnside

Here's another photo that I took last Saturday when I was out and about. On the way back from getting my flu shot, I decided to branch out and ride the MAX Yellow Line, then the Portland Streetcar, then the 20 bus. After I got off the bus to walk to our apartment, I passed the first ever Goodwill Store I visited in Portland--back when Mama and I came to see the guys back in the summer of 2004--and now I live so close to it that I walk by each weekday on the way home.

Earlier in the week I had noticed these shoes, so you know how excited I was to see them again on Saturday! And to make things even better, I walked right in and found some paperback books that we haven't read yet, so I bought them and stuffed them into my Goodwill-purchased red Kate Spade handbag. I'm loving living in Portland!

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