Saturday, August 13, 2011

Public Art

Downtown Portland, the corner of SW Morrison and SW 9th. I found this online: LITSWD by William Rihel. Motion activated installation consisting of 120 lengths of enamle painted paper. Inspired by the song and video of "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds" by the Beatles. The text appears beneath a nighttime photo of this incredible work of art. Believe me, if it still looks like that at night, I've got to get over there! Until then, here a several photos I took on the way to Powell's Books after work on Tuesday.




I decided to crop and alter in Picnik the text I found on the glass--which is a cover over an apparently defunct stairway which must have gone beneath the sidewalk to I know not where. I like how Picnik gave the old gold-colored text a sort of rainbow look, much like the paper inside the glass. This is what I read, in case you can't make it out: The Portland Storefronts program provides local artists with the opportunity to activate vacant storefronts with one-of-a-kind and temporary art installations. This Portland Storefront installation is a joint initiative of the Downtown Marketing Initiative, Portland Business Alliance, the Downtown Clean & Safe District, and the Bill Naito Company.

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Lois Evensen said...

Very unusual all right. Very pretty.