Thursday, September 08, 2011

Saturday, August 20, out and about with Milton and Kay

DSC_0077 My plucky, mass-transit-riding Mississippians. We got on the 12 after we'd been to The Circuit so that they two of them could get the general idea of bouldering by watching Lamont and Leland for a few minutes. Being the doting Mama that I am, I cannot ignore the opportunity to post a few bouldering photos. DSC_0050p Concentration seems an appropriate term, don't you agree? DSC_0061p Determination fits this one. DSC_0078 We three said, "Happy bouldering, boys!" and left The Circuit for the bus stop. Not too many minutes later we got off and walked to the Farmers Market in the South Park Blocks, in the midst of Portland State University. Kay saved us a seat on a bench in the sunshine while Milton and I waited in a not-too-bad line at Pine State Biscuits. Once again, hunger overtook my desire to take any photographs. However, here are two photos that I took on April 8 when I went the the Farmers Market. DSC_0182p The menu--see The Reggie? That's what Milton ate. Kay and I got biscuits, butter and strawberry jam. DSC_0184p A pan of biscuits. DSC_0079p-p I know how hard these flower vendors work, Saturday after Saturday. It did my heart good to see several of them getting to take a break for a bite to eat. We shopped a bit, stopping at Draper Girls for cherries, Sweet Heart and Rainier to be exact. For me, Raineiers rule! Delphina's Bakery for the my all-time favorite muffin--chocolate cheesecake! Cherry Country for a box of milk chocolate and dark chocolate-covered cherries--scrumptious bits of Royal Ann cherries. You who frequent the blog might be wondering why I wasn't shopping for and buying lots of fresh veggies--Milton and Kay had come to Portland with the goal of my not having to cook at all while they were in town! Isn't that sweet? Come back tomorrow to see some of the Hot Rods and Custom Cars we viewed just a few blocks away, in front of the Portland Art Museum.

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