Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A few views of Portland from the 30th floor of the Big Pink

August 23, with Milton and Kay, I enjoyed my city from on high, through these views from the Portland City Grill in downtown.

Looking south along SW 5th Avenue. I cropped and altered with image at Picnik with the HDR-ish effect.

Looking southeast with the Morrison Bridge in the foreground--it's undergoing work to replace the open steel grating on the lift span. I cropped and sharpened the image a little bit at Picnik.

Looking mostly south down the Willamette River. The bridges, from the foreground back--the Hawthorne Bridge, the Marquam Bridge, and then the Ross Island Bridge. This photo has been cropped and sharpened at Picnik.

More views soon.

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Abraham Lincoln said...

I enjoyed your processing and also the photos. I stopped, more or less, doing HDR conversions (perhaps you've noticed) primarily its like too much of a good thing. It really works best on cityscapes which is what you did with it. And I envy your living in Oregon. It used to be home of some deeply religious folks whose devotion was different. At the time I was into mind development and was looking at what the world had offer. Portland had one such group—a loose company of believers who invited me there once to speak and I spoke at the college in Bellingham, Washington.