Sunday, September 25, 2011

We ended August 23 with a walk back and forth between the Screen Door over on East Burnside, where we dined

I love this photo! Look at Kay's hands and Milton's posture. They're such troopers, waiting patiently for their first bites, allowing me time to get a great photo of our Carolina pulled pork sandwiches, which is house-smoked pork shoulder, on a toasted bun. The sides are creamy coleslaw and fries. Kay and I substituted sweet potato fries while Milton decided to have the regular ones. I didn't care for the coleslaw, but the rest of it was very good.

I've got the entree photo before the appetizers because I wanted to get right to making the point of the splendid cooperation of my good friends, and their support of my photographic goals!

Fried okra with remoulade. I like mine just as it comes out of the kitchen--crunchy okra.

Fried green tomatoes, can't remember if that's the same remoulade in the little bowl, might be. It's not my thing, remoulade.

Seen on the walk home. It says ZAPTRUCK beneath the door. Mama at first thought we were going to driving something like this when I began to talk about trying a Zipcar. Needless the say, she thought I'd lost my mind. I don't know--I think this looks doggone good for city living.

Milton did not remember to take his acid reflux med before we ate, so he had a rough, rough night. Drat it.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Lynette, wandered over from fellor blogg, Abe Lincoln's place. Glad I did cause spent well over and hour visiting Portland with you and Milton & Key. The dahlia shots were wonderful. Really love the fact that you are also a writer and photographer and lover of books who takes the very personal approach. We try to do that as well on our little blog spot cause life is what's happening every day. ANyone who says "therre's nothing to post about" must not be doing anything. BTW I am a former weekly newspaper reporter/photographer - ow about you? Sorry but I didn't real all the earlier blog posts to know. COndolences too on your mam's passing. Yes, we know the south (now) as we've living on the VA eastern shore after relocating from NJ (home state) over 6 years ago. As you can see, I am hardly (ever) at a loss for words. I'll be back and y'all come and stop in for a visit at our blog place - - cause drop-ins are always welcomed and appreciated, comments too!

Lois Evensen said...

My goodness, that all looks yummy!