Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mother's Day Mini-Vacation, No. 23 - Deschutes River at Old Mill District, Jackson's Corner for a really late lunch, and Dakine Grindz for shaved ice delights


Old Mill District on the Deschutes River, Bend, Oregon.

Water-lovers on the Deschutes River at Old Mill District.

The view from our table at Jackson's Corner where we ate a very late lunch--hungry trio.

So hungry that I completely forgot to take a photo before we had all cleaned our plates! Trust me, Leland's plate is as empty as mine and Lamont's.

Jackson's Corner--took this photo on the way back to the Zipcar. I wanted you to see the building because I'm wondering if you get the same vibe from the exterior that I did when I walked towards the building. I immediately thought, "I believe I'm going to like this place a whole lot." And I did. Of course, it helped that both Leland and Lamont had eaten there in the past and knew the food to be good.

As we passed this school playground the first time, I exclaimed, "Did you see that? A bouldering wall!" Then I asked Leland to drive around the block so that I could take a few photos.

How cool! Plenty for kids to climb! And the entire playground is paved so that if it rained before recess, the ground won't become a muddy mess. Smart.

Next Leland and I knew right where we wanted to go--for a shaved ice at Dakine Grindz, just a block or so from Brother Jon's Public House, our favorite weekend breakfast place in Bend. Lamont's not interested in shaved ice, so he sat down on the grass to watch people, including these "cyclists" peddling away on The Cycle Pub. Serendipity that I got this photo just as they wheeled it by the No Parking, Bike Lane sign!

The young man carefully prepared my huge-sized treat--I think it was called the Big Beach.

She's finishing my three-flavored delight: strawberry, kiwi, and honeydew. Leland had told me on Friday when we rode by this place that we needed to come back at some point on the weekend because he knew how good these cool treats taste--was he ever right! And it stayed good from first bite to last.

We drove over the Deschutes one more time, passing through this pretty park and neighborhood on our way back to the Writer's Retreat for a well-deserved rest. Hours later we ate a mediocre supper, watched a bit of TV and went to bed. We had lots planned for Sunday before driving all the way back to Portland.

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