Thursday, September 19, 2013

Public Art on the TriMet MAX Green Line: Running Horses, Tom Hardy, 1986, Bronze SW 6th and Madison

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I took these four photos on October 5, 2009, because this sculpture fascinated me. I found online that the Running Horses sculpture originally stood on the SW 6th Avenue side of Pioneer Courthouse Square, near the gate from the former Portland Hotel. I found one photo of the sculpture, taken in 2005, when it was still there. I like where it is now much better.

After I crossed the street, I took this photo as I walked north on the west side of SW 6th.

Then I stopped and took this one before continuing northward to catch my homebound bus.

A bonus sculpture, Hilda Morris's Ring of Time, the onion ring-shaped artwork across SW 6th Avenue at the Standard Building.

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