Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sky-writing jets, #3

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DSC_0854_PM_me_reflection After I had rode the MAX Yellow Line light rail train to the Kaiser Interstate clinic and got my flu shot, I walked outside, crossed the street carefully to the Overlook Park MAX station to wait for a ride back into downtown. I needed to catch the 15 bus on SW Salmon and SW 5th so that I could make it over the Willamette to the Architectural Heritage Center for some volunteer work. When I got off the train, I saw myself in these windows, so I took this photo. DSC_0856_PM I turned and started to walk north towards SW Salmon. When I looked up while I waited for the traffic signal to change, I couldn't believe that I saw more jet trails. Already I'd seen some from the sidewalk before I left home, from the MAX on the way to the clinic, and now from the sidewalk in downtown. All on a Saturday, too.

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