Sunday, October 06, 2013

Successful lines, going in all directions.

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On the way back from getting my flu shot at the Kaiser Interstate clinic Saturday morning, I noticed this young man's dreads as I sat down, how swell their curves and vertical lines worked beside the vertical and slanted lines in the MAX Yellow Line car section where the car articulates to go around curves and swerves. Since he had in his earbuds, I mouthed to him, "I like your hair!" He pulled one out and said, "Thank you. They're a mess right now." Then I asked if I could take his photo for my blog. He agreed, so I did, then I moved over next to him to ask him what his name was--Byron. I spelled it to make sure that I had it correct, and he said, "Yes, like the poet." I replied, "Yes, like Byron Scott of basketball fame." He grinned and said that he and his dad, Californians, are big-time Los Angeles Laker fans, that his dad's answering machine message mentions the world-champion-Los-Angeles-Lakers. What a fine moment, all because of successful lines, going in all directions.

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