Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last two pix of Casey's visit to PDX

Duncan took to Casey right well, doncha think? He's so cute!

Mama, Casey, Leland, his girlfriend Cristina, and I went to the Bijou Cafe over on SW 3rd. Mama and I first went there in 2004, when we stayed at the Benson Hotel (built by the same Benson mentioned in the Multnomah Falls info, back in 1913). We walked the five or so blocks every day of our visit but one and dined on super pancakes, pan-browned potatoes, applewood bacon, all yummy. One day we noticed their pet bulletin board on the wall near the restrooms, where customers and employees had posted photos of their beloved pets. We got the go ahead to post one of Duncan, and he's been there since 2004, in the same spot. When we visited the guys in 2005 and 2006, before we moved, we went to eat and to see Duncan and the nice waitstaff.

While we were waiting for our orders, I noticed the juxtaposition of two entirely different heads on the two cooks, polar opposites if you will. I really wanted to get a picture of the backs of both of their heads, but, alas, the one with hair turned when I took the chance to get the shot. I didn't want to look like too much of a dummy, so I didn't try again, settling for this one which gives you the idea.

On Tues., Aug. 15, the guys grilled veggies and chicken for fabulous fajitas. We ate and drank and talked and laughed--it was a grand time, and I completely forgot to take any pictures. Just got all caught up in the fun and forgot. If it were possible for one to kick oneself in the boo-tay, mine would be bruised big time.

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