Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christmas Evening, 2006, Portland, Oregon--Lamont's Appetizers

Thinly sliced steak atop crostini spread with goat cheese--yummy.

Actually, the potatoes, with the spatula handle rising from their left, are a main dish called a potato pave, made with sliced potatoes briefly soaked in heavy cream, then layered with a Spanish goat cheese. The dish is baked and then turned out upside down so that it can be cut into serving squares.

All around that dish are the appetizers, including some of the absolutely best tuna salad I've ever eaten. He made the mayo from scratch and used some really expensive canned tuna, he said. Plus, there were saltines which he knew I always had with my tuna salad. You can't see it--it's in that sort of tan-colored deep bowl.

These golden beets are on top of chevre crostini.

Lamont's pose for me is a statement in itself as he looks over the appetizers on the counter. He's thinking and doing what his Mama wants. You can see meats and cheeses and little red cherry tomatoes, waiting to be stuffed with goat cheese.

Red and yellow roasted peppers sit beside grilled eggplant.

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