Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mama Turns 81, Jan. 23, 2007

Don't Mama and Duncan look cute as all get out! That's the neat lap desk that Lamont and Lindsay got for her at the Discovery Channel Store. It has that little gooseneck lamp that makes enough light for her to work crossword puzzles; it has a heating element that she can turn on/off to warm her thighs. And Duncan still fits beside her in the lounge chair!

In the brown frame, you have Leland and Cristina. Beside them, folded neatly, is the lovely grape-colored sweater that they gave Mama for her birthday. Next to that is the nosegay of flowers that came with the scrumptious pound cake--from Howard and Vanessa. Danielle gave her the tulips; they hadn't been in water very long in this picture. That's Lamont and Leland in the black frame. Ain't I one lucky woman?

What a brilliant smile from the birthday gal!

On the west end of the Burnside Bridge stands this glorious neon sign, Made in Oregon, with what used to be the White Stag emblem--as I understand it. It comes on in sections, ending up with the letters, outlined in green, filled with white lights that seem to circle within the letters' outlines. Makes me wonder--how did they do that?

No, I didn't walk over the bridge in the dark. Mama and I were coming over it on our way home from Sckavone's, and I pulled over out of traffic and snapped a few. Hooray. My first clear neon sign in Portland. Hooray!

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Sonia said...

A Very Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom! She looks just great and happy!