Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Near our apartment

A teensy bit of red in the black and white world

Looking west, up the street from our apartment building--two guys were taking their boo-tays into their own hands! Running and sliding down a one-way street, in the middle of the street with the potential traffic to their backs!

This shot was taken from our bathroom window, mid-afternoon. Some of you will remember that I took the same shot in the fall, to show you how close people parallel park around here.

Be sure to click on this one to enlarge it so you can see Mama at our kitchen window, looking out at the snow-covered corner.

The entrance to our building looks neat, doesn't it?

What a brave little sprig of something, so cute, poking out of the snow like a tiny broad-shaped arch of greenery.

This neat tree is east, down the street from our apartment.

One block north of our street, from 21st looking west, where you can see the cliffside condos in the background.

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Sonia said...

Sure, the entrance to your building looks very charming and neat!