Saturday, February 24, 2007

Duncan, his toy fire truck, and his two favorite females!

I got this fire truck at a garage sale when we lived in the other apartment. I made the decision to put it on the floor to see if it made any sounds when rolled, and Duncan took over as its owner. He pushed, yipped, grabbed, chased and loved every second of it. Sometimes he even grabbed ahold of the ladder and tossed the truck! Trouble was, he got so loud that people could hear him clear out on the sidewalk! And he'd get so excited that he just about choked himself. So, these days we pick and choose when to take the fire truck down from atop the fridge. Naturally, we had to show Bob and Pat how much fun the little guy has with it. I took the first two shots, Bob the third one.

I can't remember what made us laugh so, but Bob captured it very well, don't you think?

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Sonia said...

Love those photos! You both and Duncan looks great!