Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Thursday, art on Alberta in Northeast Portland's Alberta Arts District

For y'all in Jackson, Last Thursday is sort of like ArtMix in Fondren, only different. It's outdoors, covers 15 or so blocks on each side of NE Alberta, and attracts a CROWD of people who pack the sidewalks as tightly as the house-made boudin blanc at 3 Doors Down Cafe. This week I'll participate for the third time if the weather cooperates--it looks good so far. I may or may not sell more than a thing or two, which is fine and dandy with me because watching people is such a great way to pass a couple of hours. Plus I've had the satisfying fun and therapy of creating all of the stuff I put on display, painted wooden items, decoupaged purses, photograph cards, collages, matted photos and art cars.

Here's what I found for you about the Alberta Arts District and Last Thursday on

"At first glance, the name “Alberta Arts District” may seem a little overstated when taking into account the number of galleries on the street. But when one discovers that nearly every business - from restaurants and bars to the finest in dress shops, with very little exception - functions as a gallery with a rotating roster of artists represented on their walls, one begins to understand the full nature of this community’s devotion to art. And Last Thursday, as it is simply called, is the designation given to the ever-growing event occurring on the last Thursday of each month when each of these establishments is open late and essentially transformed into the artists’ opening night reception

You just can't miss Alberta's "Last Thursday", which seems a combination art gallery "hop" and neighborhood street fair all rolled into one. It is every last Thursday of the month during the summer. If nothing else, enjoy the swarming crowds, and have fun people watching. You'll also have the opportunity to pick up some local arts (and crafts) work at great prices. Support your neighborhood arts!"

What follows are photographs of my latest art cars, recently concocted, painted and glued.

What else could I do with a VW convertible? Party Bugs it is!

Remember the Chambers' Brothers? Here's my homage to their "Love, Peace and Happiness." Love equals that strategically placed sweet patriotic heart sticker on the little guy's chest. Peace--you can see the word and the symbol on the base of the 1966 Ford Thunderbird, and the round dude is flashing a peace sign with his right hand. Happiness? He's a three-dimensional Smiley Face--what could be happier, I ask you?

Woody and his decisions accent that hand-painted 1959 Cadillac Series 62 pretty well, don't you think? (If you've got eyes like mine, you'll need to click on the photo to make complete sense of the decisons thing.) Love those fins!

Who doesn't love a parade? Or icons? That's Buzz Lightyear and a Barbie standing tall behind a daddy and his little girl. To me, especially since the daddy's wearing Mickey Mouse ears, they look like they're sitting on the curb at Disney World, watching the daily parade. In the bed of the truck you've got Tweety Bird, Mickey Mouse and Homer Simpson. Icons indeed!

This lovely lavendar limousine sports message near and dear to every one, whether you're a mama or daddy who's tried to get your little girl to be still while you put up her hair in a pony tail, or you're the right age to remember saucily walking by the cutest boy in homeroom, your pony tail swinging just right, catching his eye and turning his head, or you just might be the grown up boy whose fell head over heels for that pony tail.

One or two, long or short ... pony tails rule!

You can't see it very well, but beside this little person with the short, fluffy pink hair there is a triangular pink sign with a black question mark on it. Pony tail in the making?

Last but not least in these newly minted art cars is this 1955 Chrysler C-300, in honor of U. S. Navy Master Diver Carl Brashear. After seeing that movie "Men of Honor," nothing would do when I came across my miniature diver but an art car in Brashear's memory. One of the women I work with bought this one for her fiance.

Finally, here's a photo Lindsay took of me and my stuff at Last Thursday, May 31. Later on, after the sun went down, I had to put on my short-sleeved top and wished I had my cardigan, too. I'll be taking it with me this week! Look closely and you can see my patriotic pinwheel headband.

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