Sunday, June 03, 2007

Neighborhood Flowers from Monday, May 21

First, I want to thank Marsha from my work for identifying the flowering tree from a couple of posts ago. It's a cornus kousa Chinese dogwood, she told us. I found some pictures on the Oregon State Web site that look practically like mine, plus it appears I should be on the watch for some interesting shaped berries at some point in time. I'll keep y'all posted--ha!

Now I want to give you a tour of flowering plants on Everett, Flanders and Glisan--remember, we live in the Alphabet District?

This is the bud I've posted earlier; it's on Everett. I don't remember any other rhododendrons doing this leaf thing.

Here's a view of the flowers on the same bush that have come out completely. Lovely, delicate.

Even all of this particular bush didn't do that leaf thing; I wonder if it has something to do with where the bud grows on the bush or with the amount of sunlight the bud gets?

I love this one!

This particular bush is on Flanders.

All of the rest of these are on Glisan, in one yard across the street from the William Temple Thrift Store.

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