Saturday, June 02, 2007

A bit more about Saturday, May 19, and then on to Sunday and Monday, May 21-22

Kay walked down to Fred Meyer Saturday afternoon, after we got back to the apartment, while I stayed at Walgreen's with our photo cards. She planned to make home-made frajitas, so she knew just what she wanted. Were they ever delicious! Smelled great cooking, too. With NASCAR on TV and good food in the apartment, we felt like four blessed individuals. Well, Mama's not quite a NASCAR crazy as we three are, but she didn't care what was on TV 'cause she was with us!

Since we have four darling young people in our lives who now work at four different restaurants, Mama and I decided we'd begin our restaurant tour with the Sunday brunch at Newport Bay Tanasbourne where Cristina is a manager. With rain forecast off and on, we had decided the night before that we'd head for the Spirit Mountain Casino after brunch.

I got on MapQuest to get a set of directions that should shave several miles off our trip by eliminating any backtracking. The only problem was I couldn't remember exactly which business was in which town along 99W, until I remembered this little tavern just on the outer edge of Newberg, Someplace Else--not that Mama and I have stopped there--we're just taken with its name. I printed the info and put it on my desk, right beside the keys to the car. As we got ready to head for the car just before 9 a.m., Mama asked, "Have you got the map?" Thank goodness her brain was on high power, or my best laid plans would have gone awry and we'd have wasted some pricey gasoline!

When we walked into the restaurant, the hostess recognized our name as being Cristina's family--I love it! She led us to the booth where we had eaten our first meal at the restaurant, last year with Cristina's folks and Leland. Best of all, it was right beside the brunch buffet table.

Mounds of fruits, cheeses and baked goods filled the table, and not long after we were seated, a plate full of just-made beignets and honey butter was delivered. With all of that at our fingertips, plus the tempting menu, it wasn't long before all four of us had eaten our fill. Mama and Kay got Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, I decided on the classic scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes, Milton had a plateful of breakfast goodies but I cannot remember exactly what it was called. He didn't leave a morsel, so I know it was good. All of us left completely satisfied and happy to have been with Cristina at that time of the morning, too, because she was able to stop by to check on us. Just before we got up to go, more and more people started coming into the restaurant--their Sunday brunch is popular. Thank goodness she had a minute to get into the group photo you see below!

Our short-cut path led us through parts of Portland we'd not yet seen and then into the countryside. Orchards and fields lined the roadway--possibly nut trees, but I don't know for sure. About an hour and a half later, we parked at the casino and went inside to play--the ladies headed for the penny slots and Milton found the black jack tables. It was fun even if Kay was the only one of us who won! Here's Milton walking Mama back to the car; she's got herself a cup of water to go.

Monday morning Mama woke up not feeling well at all, shivering and shivering. We bundled her up and put her back to bed, checking on her until she fell asleep again, Duncan curled up by her side. After she woke up a couple of hours later, she groggily assured us that she'd be OK, to go do what we wanted to do.

We knew that we needed to go to our rental company's office some point after 10 a.m. to pick up our new exterior door key, so the three of us walked over there first, to 20th and Glisan. Milton and Kay like bargains as much as I do, so at some point we made it to the Goodwill, one block south, and to another thrift store, two blocks north. I cannot remember the exact order of any of this. (Now you know why I love this neighborhood, right? I've been a pretty good girl, really and truly, staying out of them about 97% of the time.)

Then we got in the car and went to the Village Market, another fun thrift store, in the southeast, before heading over to the Fred Meyer at 39th and Hawthorne. It's a great big store, complete with clothing and hardware. I had copies of the new door key made for the kids and got two six-packs of Mirror Pond beer to take to supper. I had thought we'd ask the kids over for finger foods so that we could watch the last night of competition on "Dancing With the Stars," to which Mama and I happily admit addiction. However, Lamont thought we ought to come over to where he and Lindsay live, in southeast Portland, because they have much more room, plus he said he'd cook. Leland and Cristina had lots of errands to do during the day, but they'd be finished in time to come, too. (In fact, they ended up visiting with Mama that afternoon, which was so thoughtful.) Milton and Kay had brought a box of Franzia (I think it is) zinfandel, and we planned to take it, too. On the way home from Fred Meyer, we detoured a couple of blocks by the kids'place and left the beer with them since we didn't have any room in our fridge.

Here is one of the two cats that the kids are cat-sitting, which means three live with them 'cause Lindsay already had Zach. I love this shot of him on their deck wall when we had stopped to leave the beer. He's got Jawa eyes.

Lamont, Lindsay and Brodie have planted all sorts of greens and tomatoes. Lamont built the raised bed walls you see there in the shot with the tomato cages.

Lindsay went outside and picked the greens for the salad.

While Lamont manned the grill on the deck, Lindsay stirred the polenta.

Lamont quickly grabbed a bite of salad.

That's pork chops and asparagus on the grill--yummy.

Each of us had a plate like mine! I got so involved with some good wine and food that I forgot to take any other photos of people--shame on me!


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The food looked delish!!

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It was way out scrumptious! Thanks.