Monday, July 09, 2007

"The Closer" on TNT, Mondays during the long, hot summer

Y'all, I cannot bring myself to miss an episode of this TV show, starring Kyra Sedgwick and a host of actors and actresses truly born to play the parts written for them, from the hard-working members of her Priority Homicide Division and other officers at the LAPD to the vividly horrific perpetrators of crime.

It's like reading a well-crafted book, one chapter each week for a few months each summer, over three summers now. These episodes, sometimes tense to the point of hurting my face and neck as I scrunch up in worry, sometimes humorous to the point of laughter as Mama and I look at each other, enjoying Sedgwick's character's Southern-ness, these episodes to me are as close to perfect TV as I've ever experienced.

If you've never watched "The Closer," consider watching your first episode next Monday. I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have afterwards, to fill you in on relationships, group dynamics, etc., as much as I'm able.

If you are already drawn up into this TV series, grabbed by its twists and turns, its intelligence and reality, all I can say is, let's talk.

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