Saturday, July 21, 2007

Random quirkiness and beauty, in & around Portland

I took these first five photos last Sunday across the road from the Helvetia Tavern, out west of Portland, off Highway 26. And I only drank root beer, admittedly the best-tasting-coldest root beer I can remember drinking. It fit just right with my perfect hamburger, fries and onion rings. You'll remember from the posts about Milton and Kay's visit that Leland's working out here now, cooking or waiting tables. Our friend Danielle who is moving back to California went out, too, along with her mom Pat and niece Meehan. More on their visit in a later post!

In this shot, he's got his left hind leg stretched to the front, scratching his nose. Click on this one to get a look at his wool, three of his horns, and his eye.

What do YOU think about a ram with four horns? I felt dumbfounded, let me tell you. And frustrated. No matter how much I told that ram that the clover over near me at the barbwire fence tasted the best, he just didn't listen. I'm certain it had something to do with the fact that vehicles park there continually as folks drive up and get out to go into the tavern and eat, day in and day out. I'll have to try another day for a clearer photo of him in all his quirkiness.

If you know anything about this sort of sheep, please fill me in. Thanks.

One day after work, I had company in the elevator.

Strange juxtaposition of that phrase concerning their food, wouldn't you agree? Wait till you see this sign at night; the neon is fan-tas-tic!

Beautiful summer flowers from my friend Marsha's garden.

I couldn't believe this view from the parking lot beside the Helvetia Tavern.

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