Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Last, Fun Amid the Sand

Danielle, Pat and Meehan came over to the apartment for a few minutes' visit before we all boarded the #17 bus to ride down to Pioneer Courthouse Square to see the sand sculptures. Yoshida's Sand in the City is a fundraiser for Kids on the Block where 450 tons of sand was sculpted by local companies and organizations. I think I read or heard somewhere that the theme was Monsters, Inc.

Here's what Kids on the Block is trying to do, through their Powerful Puppetry organization: Our mission is to use the power of puppetry to help children understand and value differences in one another and to teach them how to stay healthy and safe. This is knowledge that will not only serve them well now, but throughout their lives, making children - and our whole community - stronger.

We didn't know all of that when we decided to go look at the sculptures, but we gladly made a donation at the entrance and had our bright yellow stickers affixed to our clothing, while Duncan's was stuck on his head!

I liked this sand post card from Portland best.

Here's the Fremont Bridge.

Here's the Portland Streetcar

Look! The post card is from my friend Danielle, AKA Dani!

That's Multnomah Falls, complete with the bridge.

Meehan's such a photogenic five-year-old, don't you think? Goes without saying that Duncan, the darling dachshund is, too!


casey said...

whoa those sand structures are so cool. i am sorry i missed them

Lynette said...

Me, too, Casey. We'll go together next year, OK?