Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A bank of pay phones, an alternative mode of communication


Just after midnight Friday, on the wall outside a gate at PDX, I found these. I consider them relics, well-maintained, but relics nevertheless. Mostly I was so glad to have something to photograph while I waited for Howard's plane.

Mama felt a little more normal part of today. She got several birthday cards; the kids gave her a pretty balloon, and we all visited. Marsha from my work came to see her, too. She walked several blocks to do that, and it's mighty cold outside. Wasn't that sweet?

Thursday when we know something about Mama's procedure, I'm so thankful that I won't have to call everyone who cares about her on a pay phone. Whew! I think I'm sort of tired now. Can you imagine how exhausted I'd be if I had to make hundreds of phone calls? I can, and it's not a pretty picture. I am so thankful for the Internet, Gmail, and all of y'all!


Sonia said...

Hi Lynette, I hope your Mom is better and fine! Give a big hug to her.

I made two posts about my friend's dogs and cats and I will do tomorrrow the post Pets III. I would like to know if you allow me to show your dog Duncan on my blog. I have a photo of Duncan
HERE. Do you have another photo you like most to send me? Thank you!

Lynette said...

Sonia, this is so neat. Of course you may use that photo of Duncan. Thanks so much. It is my favorite!

Isadora said...

Some people prefer the phone - I'm with you - e-mail is a tremendous tool. You can write and read messages when it is convenient. I don't remember the last time I've used a payphone and the two mobils I carry are turned off unless I need to use them.

Sonia said...

Thanks Lynette!
Duncan is really very cute!
As soon as I post I will let you know.

Have a nice weekend. Give a hug to your Mom.