Monday, January 21, 2008

Under construction, sort of like things around here

There used to be a vacant lot here, used for parking. Now it's the site of a new high rise office building a couple of blocks from the Willamette River. That the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge in the distance.

No real news on the Mama front other than she's not regressed, thank goodness. There is a chance that we will get to have a risk/benefit conversation with the cardiovascular surgeon about this work that needs to be done on her carotid arteries and the bypass surgery. We might find out tonight, but more likely in the morning--if the stars are a-lined.

We've got other problems, short-lived ones, we hope. My brother woke up with a virus which has caused him grief all day, and now he's exhausted and has been dozing on the couch with Duncan. I do not feel very well myownself. Also, Portland's experiencing extremely cold temperatures which makes us even more susceptible to feeling poorly. I got us some popsicles and crackers and Gatorade earlier, so we're ready for anything.

Thanks for your continued prayers and kind comments.


Paulie said...

You would think with all this cold, we could get a decent snowfall!!!!!!!!!!

jill said...

Hi Lynette! I found your blog by googling Milton's Bread and found your blog since you wrote about wonderful Milton's last Fall! That's the only bread I eat! I get it at Sam's Club in Batavia, Il. The reason I googled is because I wanted to let them know that sometimes the bread is a little stale kindof, even though the freshness date will be a week or more off. I was going to tell them that the last couple of times the bread was much better!
I wish your mother all the best. My mom lived with me for 18 months before she died. I felt very blessed to be able to care for her.
God bless!