Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mama's Settled In and Good-bye Crud!

That sweet little lady, my Mama, is a champ. She's ready to do whatever she possibly can for however long it takes to get back to her life--that's the message I got from her today as we moved her into her room at Mt. Tabor. Physical therapy begins tomorrow. I predict it will be one of the hardest things she's ever done, but I'm doggone proud of her attitude. Lamont, Lindsay and Leland came by to visit Grandma just as her dinner arrived. We talked and laughed a bit as she ate some of it despite being so tired from her busy day that included a shower as well as the ride in a wheelchair ambulance. After Mama got settled back in bed, hoping she'd stay awake for "Wheel of Fortune," we hugged and kissed on her, saying good-bye until tomorrow. It wasn't easy on any of us, but each of us believes in what she's about to undertake and in our ability to support her and to help make good things happen for her as she rehabilitates.

In between conversations with Mama, we'd talked about food and how hungry each of us was. We decided to meet at the Savoy Tavern & Bistro at SE Clinton and 25th.

On the drink menu, I saw "Viva La Cruda," a margarita. Besides the fact that I really like a good margarita, the word crud in cruda sparked my imagination. Merriam-Webster defines crud as something disagreeable. My ricochet brain took me from crud to what's been going on with Mama is cruddy, as in "It's absolutely cruddy that she's not able to come home and sit in her recliner and enjoy Duncan, her crossword puzzles, and being together after I get home from work or on the weekends." So, I thought, I'll have a Viva La Cruda and drink that crud right outta mine and Mama's lives!

And that's just what I did, after Lindsay and I took photos, naturally.

I took this one without the flash.
I took this one with the flash.
Lindsay, my guest photographer,took this one without the flash and from an entirely different angle.

Which one is your favorite? And, no, I didn't drink three Viva La Crudas--just two. I also ate a fine tasting hamburger and French fries. Really good food and drink, being with those three young adults, the hope of our future--I'm saying "Hasta la vista crud!"


Gina said...

Hello, it's Gina the virtual stranger again! I had to pop back by to see if you had more pictures of my beloved Portland. I'm sorry to hear that your Mama has been ill. Sounds like she's getting better quickly, though--the feisty ones seem to do that.

Strange coincidence: if your mother is in the care facility I suspect she is, it's the very place where I was born! It used to be a regular hospital, and I was born in a delivery room on the ground floor on the 60th Street side of the building (last set of double doors before you round the corner to the back of the building).

FirstatMC said...

I have found you my long lost friend and in what style do I find you but conversing in that lyrical way you have and I miss. Beautiful pictures by the way. I'm still here in Houston (Sugar Land) where the margaritas are oh so good but not quite as photographic!?! Do you know who this is? I have never blogged but couldn't resist - I just don't know the etiquette and rules - so glad I can at least follow you in your journey.

Lynette said...

My guess as to who this is involves the four people I best remember from Houston, so I hope I'm right. You could be Sharon or Fred or Larry or Karen. If you're not one of those four, I'm at a loss.

Glad you like the photos and the text. Hope to hear from you again.