Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bullseye Gallery, in The Pearl--it's on my morning bus route.

Please scroll down to see today's dahlia, Inland Dynasty, from Swan Island Dahlias.

One morning I saw these sort of silhouettes from the bus window and knew that I'd soon have to walk down there before catching the bus 11 blocks from home. I had to have a photo or two. You understand. You also understand when I wish it were a picture window instead of one with dividers--or whatever you call them--in it.
Information about the work of art on the left, found at the Bullseye Web site: artist, Dafna Kaffeman, Wolves Hunting (01), 2008, flameworked glass, 45"x29.5" x 2.5", DKA-1015-BO, $12,000.
Information about the work of art on the right, found at the Bullseye Web site: same artist, Wolves Hunting (02), 2008, flameworked glass 27" x 43.25"x 2.5", $12,000.

I cropped it and sharpened, hoping you can see the details better.
Here's some artist info from the Bullseye Gallery Web site: “It is very important for me to try to ‘touch’ the material, to make it more accessible for me and for the viewer,” explains Dafna Kaffeman of her rounded, often spiky forms in glass and silicone. “Glass for me is a way to express thoughts, desires, wishes, and to tell stories. In my work I try to stretch the natural abilities of the material to its limits…I combine glass with other materials in order to change its natural characteristics.” Kaffeman works from her studio in Tel-Aviv and lectures at the glass department of the Bezalel Art academy in Jerusalem.

Information about the Bullseye Gallery itself, 300 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209,
phone 503-227-0222 fax 503-227-0008, Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, and by special appointment.

And here's what you find when you click on About Us: Bullseye Gallery works with a select group of international artists in the field of kilnformed glass with the aim of furthering exceptional design through innovation in material and method. The gallery is part of Bullseye Glass Company, a maker of colored glass for art and architecture since 1974.
For the last 30 years Bullseye has supported individual artists and art-school programs by developing new materials and unique technologies that help to facilitate the designer’s vision. The Bullseye Gallery represents the most dynamic of these artists through exhibitions and projects that sit at the leading edge of contemporary studio glass.
To learn more about the Bullseye Glass Company's history and full product line, please visit the factory website at

Today's dahlia, Inland Dynasty. Facts from Swan Island Dahlias--Bloom: 12" Yellow, Bush: 4 1/2'

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