Monday, September 07, 2009

Saturday Market Musician and Cast Iron Remnants

Please scroll down to find today's dahlia, China Doll, from Swan Island Dahlias.

Operating since 1974 the Portland Saturday Market is the largest continually operating outdoor arts and crafts market in the nation. Centered in Portland’s historic Old Town the Market is one of the most popular shopping destinations for local handcrafted goods. Click on the link to find out all sorts of stuff about the Saturday Market.

I took this photo from the MAX Yellow Line the day the PCPA Tour Guides went for a public art ride with local artist Valerie Otani.
I think this is about the man in my photo. I found it at PDX Entertainment. While the photo there is not large enough to see very well, the drum is red and he's got on a similar hat, and he's playing an accordion. So, here goes: Pug is a Portland landmark. He and his one man band can be seen regularly at the Portland Saturday Market and every year at the Portland Rose Festival. Pug's Songlist Includes- Original and one of a kind works in a fun upbeat Zydeco or pop style and cover works from Motown to Louisiana!

I also took this photo of another part of the Saturday Market from the MAX train.
I found this on the World Wide Web: The free-standing wall of archways extending out from the New Market Building was salvaged from an Old Town structure that didn't survive the urban renewal craze of the 1960s.

Today's dahlia, China Doll, from Swan Island Dahlias.

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