Saturday, September 05, 2009

One special event that kept us busy lately, last Sunday's Annual Dahlia Festival, in Canby, Oregon at the Swan Island Dahlias

We drove almost an hour from Portland to Canby, on the Pacific Highway, 99E. It's the same route we took almost exactly a year ago to the Canby Car Cruise In. I guess you could say it's like riding a rainbow because there is certainly a pot of gold at the end each time!




The only thing that kept me from sort of going crazy with all these choices was that I knew up front I don't have a yard, I don't have anywhere to put a pot full of dirt, so I wouldn't have to try and try to make up my mind which one(s) to buy!

Over and over I heard, "Look! This is the one we have!" "Don't you think we've got this one?" "Yes, this one will go with the ones we have!"


Mama and Duncan are beneath that blue and white umbrella on the right, at a picnic table in the shade. The Buick is parked in that line of cars to the left.

You can read the invitation below that I found on Swan Island's Web site. We couldn't pass it up, no sirree--the promise of all those blossoms and a clear blue sky. We even took Duncan with us which meant we missed the indoor displays, but, hey, the little guy enjoyed sitting by Mama in the shade while I walked through the Show Garden with scores and scores of dahlias, labeled with their intriguing names.

So, here are some scenic photos for your enjoyment. I'll be back again and again with a dahlia a day, or at least every so often.

You are invited to attend…

Our Annual Dahlia Festival 2009
August 29th, 30th, 31st & September 5th, 6th, 7th
Saturday, Sunday, & Monday (both weekends)
Indoor Display Hours 10 am to 6 pm, Field Hours 8am to 8pm


-A must see for the dahlia lover, or if you just love flowers. View over 400 floral arrangements of dahlias in our two indoor display rooms. These displays vary in size from teacup to floor to ceiling extravaganzas!! This is the largest display put on by one grower anywhere in the United States! Floral arranging demonstrations and talk on dahlia culture, take place, twice daily during the show at 12 noon & 3:00 pm. Questions are answered from guests in the audience during this demonstration as they fashion colorful dahlias into elegant table arrangements or wedding baskets. Live dahlia tuber dividing demonstration 12noon to 5pm each day during the festival. You can also take a stroll through and view over 40 acres of dahlias in full bloom during the show. Be sure to take some cut flowers home with you to extend your visit and remember the beauty. Dogs are allowed on the premises on a leash, however they are not allowed in the indoor display rooms.

Food booths & refreshments will be located at the farm during this event.

To view this event please click on this link - Dahlia Festival Video

Can’t make it to the show? Then just come visit the gorgeous fields that are also open AUGUST 1ST through SEPTEMBER, 7 DAYS A WEEK FROM 8 am to 8 pm. Lots of free parking and picnic tables for those who wish to enjoy a lunch among the blooms.

We cordially invite the public to come and enjoy the view!! See you soon!!!

Fresh cut dahlias are available daily at our farm, July through frost. Special orders are available upon pre-order request. To order cut flowers please call (503) 266-7711.


(800) 410-6540 OR (503) 266-7711

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