Thursday, July 01, 2010

She matches the crosswalk signal.

Walking south on SE 7th Avenue, towards SE Belmont. I saw her coming and waited to take the photo until she'd gone on by last Saturday while on my way to the Architectural Heritage Center for a lecture on Portland's concrete houses, both form-to-look-like-stone and poured-in-forms walls.

Here's what was on their Web site about the lecture: Concrete Houses of Portland
In the early twentieth century, concrete challenged Portland’s ubiquitous timber as the building material of choice for “modern” residences. As early as 1906, Portland architects and builders had begun constructing homes from solid concrete blocks formed to look like stone. In following years, other local builders experimented with the “Edison mold”—houses built entirely of continuous poured concrete panels. Concrete houses never became the norm in Portland, but numerous examples can still be found in all quarters of the city.

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√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I would think they would have a lot of advantages. I also saw houses built of straw and others of rammed earth and all of these were modern homes with high end appliances. The straw house was the warmest and took the least amount of energy to heat and cool. A skim of cement, like plaster coated the bales of straw when in place.