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Vacation, Day 11, 10/31/2009, Part 3

Layers and layers of clothing, a blanket for Kay and a hat for me--that's our race-wear on a cool, it's been raining earlier, day at Talladega Superspeedway!

Jason, Betty and Mike enjoyed themselves, too, despite the cold.

Oops! Couldn't happen in a much worse spot on the track. See the orange cone almost in the bottom center of the photo? That's known as the commitment cone. It sits on the yellow line that marks the beginning of pit road. You must be going a set, announced MPH when you cross it, or you will be penalized. This driver couldn't slow down from probably well over 150 mph!

Found this on the WWW: The pit road speed all depends on the track. Most superspeedway are 70MPH (112 Km/H), however Bristol Motor Speedway is 45MHP which is (72 Km/H). The drivers get their pit road speed before the race, when they are behind the pace car (because the pace car is doing pit road speed). Since they don't have speedometers in the car they use the tachometers and see what RPM (and in what gear, usually second) they are pulling.

One more colorful, anything goes, NASCAR fan.

Reckon this is part of his Halloween costume?

Here's a pretty good shot that shows the steep banking characteristic of Talladega Superspeedway. Going into turn three in this photo, approaching if not already at 32.4 degrees. That's steep!

Another oops! This truck went to the garage.


More of the neat attire worn by race fans.

The sun came out!

It wouldn't be NASCAR without the blimp! Although I wasn't in front of a TV screen, I could visualize the sort of shots taken from on high.

Coming off Turn 4, these two got together somehow. They slid and slid, towards the infield wall.

The 6 truck managed not to hit any walls.

The 81 slid into the infield wall. Here come the safety crews--see the ambulance lights are on, too. And down in the lower right corner of the photo, one NASCAR official waves the flag with the X on it which means pit road is closed. The other official must be assigned to watch traffic. That red line on the blue wall is the official beginning of pit road--you can see the yellow line on the pavement that extends out toward the commitment cone.

There goes the driver, Tayler Malsam, into the ambulance for the ride to the infield care center--a mandatory medical check follows.

Just about time to head for the campground. That doggone Kyle Busch won the race.

One last headwear choice to share with you.

Rutledge Wood on the Speed Channel, back at the toy hauler. I got to meet him when I won the trip to Homestead in 2006.

Come back tomorrow for supper and trick-or-treaters!

Plus, if you've got time, go over to Portland Oregon Daily Photo for today's post of the Hawthorne Bridge, all lit up for its birthday!

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