Monday, August 23, 2010

A very special portrait of Duncan, our darlin' dachshund

The glorious portrait of Duncan stands beside our television, near the box that holds his ashes, beside a favorite photo. The beautiful potted azalea came to Mama on Valentine's Day, 2008, by way of our dear friend Fred Washburn. Covered with blossoms for a very long time when it first arrived, the little azalea has now bloomed two more times in the past two years.

Karina Riebel of Painted Dog Studios completed the portrait from a photo that I had e-mailed to our friend Leslie Rosella. She and Chris Cooley gave the painting to us--sweethearts that they are.


casey said...

That's very sweet.

Anonymous said...

The painting and photo are memories of a part of your life Duncan shared with your guys. Losing a dog, to me, is like losing your best friend.