Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation, Day 12, 11/1/2009, Part 6

NAPA crew member getting ready for the race by applying a sticking substance to a lug nut.

Then he positions each lug nut on the wheel. That way they'll already be there when the tire is quickly placed onto the race car during a pit stop.

Here you can see how the tires looked before the man sat down and got to work. The yellow lug nuts are beside the holes in the wheels. He puts each lug nut onto the hole.

I found this about attaching the lug nuts at the NASCAR insiders dot com:

The glue used by most teams is a weatherstripping adhesive from a company called Norton. While fairly easy to work with, weather conditions can alter its effectiveness. Teams will usually glue wheels up two to three hours before a race starts, so the glue has time to set up. Glue up too early, and the glue will become hard and brittle. Do it too late, and the glue will be soft and have no strength.

Another team finished their lug nuts before I got there to take the photo.

Be sure to check out Dr. Theopolis at Portland Oregon Daily Photo!

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