Monday, November 01, 2010

Seen on the MAX, part of TriMet's public transportation in Portland and the surrounding metropolitan area

On the day before Halloween, I boarded the MAX Blue Line across from the Lloyd Center Mall for a ride to the station across from PGE Park. There I could wait for the 15 bus to catch--it would get me only a block or so from the apartment. I sat down across from a young man holding a rather large pumpkin in his lap. Naturally I had to glance at the pumpkin. Immediately I noticed there was no lid on it. At another glance I noticed the stem was still on, that the large opening must therefore be on the bottom of the pumpkin, and that the inside had been scraped rather smoothly. So I asked, "Are you going to wear that on your head?" "Yes," he answered, going on to state that he'd been doing so ever since he was 16. I didn't pry and ask how old he was, but he certainly didn't look far out of his teens. Anyway, we talked for a moment about how much work is involved in getting the inside of a pumpkin that smooth, and then I asked if he kept his stocking hat on when he wore the pumpkin. "Sometimes I do. It softens the bump," he explained, pointing towards the inside of the pumpkin opposite the stem. "Ah, yes, there's a bump there." He agreed. In a few minutes two cute young ladies sitting across the aisle from us asked about the pumpkin, and he started with the same line about how long he'd been doing this. "Want to see?" he asked them. Naturally when he place it on his head, I lifted the camera and clicked.

Just goes to show you never know what experience you'll get to have on public transportation; it's best to have the camera out hanging around your neck at the ready, I always say.

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