Thursday, December 23, 2010

Because you love your pet, please... at the Pepsi Refresh Project for ARF, an endearing enterprise in Brandon, Mississippi.

Click here to cast one of the most important votes you’ll ever cast.

ARF of MS is a no-kill animal sanctuary in Rankin County, Mississippi. Most of these rescued animals are abandoned, neglected or abused. All rescues are given veterinary care, good food, compassion and love while they wait for their "forever home" with a family that will continue to care for them and love them. We have found that even the most neglected pet can again learn to trust and gives back much more then they take.

ARF began with 35 dogs and 2 birds rescued from Waveland, Mississippi after the hurricane. In the months after the storm, ARF volunteers traveled to the South Mississippi Humane Society shelter and assisted the shelter in taking in dogs that were ready for adoption in order to assist the south Mississippi shelter in making room for more intakes.

Our goal is to find GOOD, safe and loving homes to the animals already in shelters. When one adopts rather than buys an animal, a life is saved. ADOPT rather than BUY please.

How will the 50K be Used?
$ 10,000 Promote and assist with the spay/neuter of pets
$ 10,000 Renovate outdoor runs and pens
$ 10,000 Upgrade Cat Sanctuary
$ 10,000 Veterinary Care for Neglected pets
$ 10,000 Add a fenced area around pond with walking trails.

Ginger with Kailey, Duncan with Mama--that's Leland beside Ginger and Kailey and Lamont beside Duncan and Mama. I took this photo last Christmas Day. We all loved that little dog Duncan and still adore that cutie pie Ginger. We love each other a whole lot, too!

Tinkerbell who lives in Smithdale, Mississippi, with her people who love her dearly. Mama and I love all three of them! I took this photo when we went home in 2009.

Ginger, who was dearly loved by my Aunt Baker and her family. She lived with them in Puckett, Mississippi, for all of her life. Mama and I love all of them, too! I also took this photo when we were home in 2009.

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