Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A deviled-egg-carrier run, on the 15 bus

November 20, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, after I had enjoyed a lecture at the Architectural Heritage Center, I took the 15 bus to Mall 205 to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I planned to buy a deviled egg carrier so that I would have plenty of capacity for Thanksgiving dinner at Kailey's folks. I took this photo just as the bus climbed the eastbound approach of the Morrison Bridge, right where it crosses over SW Naito Parkway. Needless to say, those vivid leaves you see there as you look south have long fallen to the street, sidewalk, and grass in Tom McCall Waterfront Park where they've turned brown. Thank goodness for the camera's ability to capture such beauty so that it can be viewed again and again.

About the Hotel Fifty that you see on the right.

The deviled eggs were a big hit. The new carrier is on the right. You can see from the size of the one of the left--minus its lid so you can see the deviled eggs--that I really needed to get the new one to increase my capacity for carrying deviled eggs to get-togethers.

Here's the funny story that goes with the deviled-egg-carrier run: As the 15 bus neared the Mall 205, I asked the driver where I should get off to go to the store. "I'm looking for a deviled egg carrier," I went on, not being able to keep my mouth shut about my mission. Never missing a beat or taking his eye off the road, he said, "I know right where one is." "You do!" I exclaimed. "Right here," he quipped patting his stomach! I laughed and laughed--he joined in and then pulled to a stop so that I could get off and go on the rest my way. Later on I had to call our friends Milton and Kay--they love deviled eggs and humor. I got to laugh and laugh some more!

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