Friday, December 03, 2010

More shots of Overlook Park, N. Fremont at N. Interstate, on Saturday, October 16.

Here's the tree from my December 1 post, a wider view taken the side of the tree, to the left of that photo. I think the presence of the people gives you an idea of its size.

This is the tree that I've noticed every year when I go to Kaiser Interstate to get my flu shot. To get closer to it to take this photo is the reason I made my way into the park. Here in particular, I'm looking back towards Kaiser--the white building you can see part of on the right. On the left, a spirited soccer game played out on the grass.

Come back tomorrow for photos of people engaged in various activities in Overlook Park on this sunny Saturday.

The 10.93 acre park was acquired by the city in 1930. Amenities at the park Include baseball field, basketball court, disabled access picnic area, disabled access restroom, dog off-leash area, paths – paved, paths – unpaved, picnic site – reservable, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, track, and volleyball court.

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