Saturday, March 09, 2013

Thanks for your indulgence

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Oh, look! Oh, look! The mountain's out!

I shall have to change my walking route.
A photo or two I must stop and take
Then meet Lamont for our date
At Paddy's Bar & Grill and big-screen TV

On which the Blazers defeating the Spurs I plan to see. 

Good nachos, and despite Blazer injuries and a so-so well-margarita,
While we watched we talked music, basketball, and his cooking at Provvista.
By the final horn, the Blazers had built a thirty-point lead and won!
Lamont & I agreed we'd had a whole lotta fun!

We hugged outside on the corner.
I headed for a bus one way,
He headed for a bus the other.
Bye, love you, we always say.

I walked off thinking on
This city and living near
My two sons
Who are so dear.

Asked if my life is blessed,
I answer a resounding, "Yes!"

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