Thursday, October 12, 2006

Big change in where we're moving, and when.

This apartment building is in the Northwest, across the river from where we are now. I'll need to change the bus just once when the weather is bad, but otherwise I'll walk about 7 blocks after the bus crosses the river which won't be bad at all on the glorious weather days that happen around here.

Our apartment is the 4th floor one, on the corner. Mama's bedroom windows are on the right, in the sort of stucco part. The living room windows are in the brick part, and the one kitchen area window is in the stucco to the left of the brick part. There is an elevator, or we wouldn't have even been looking at this great apartment. Mama and Duncan are in the living room.

I'll still be sleeping in the corner of the living room, behind my screen, but who cares? Not I. Look at the built-in closet in the dressing room; that's my closet. Look at the humongous closet that runs right beside the entrance hall. Look at all the wonderfully empty walls. Yes, the kitchen is narrow, but that won't be a big problem.

Mama and I are thrilled with the hardwood floors--no allergy problems for yours truly. We're thrilled with the fact that there are no odd height steps or stairs, that the front steps have a handrail in the center. We're thrilled that the laundry room is on the first floor.

Here's a bit about our new neighborhood: Nob Hill/Northwest

Nestled into the base of Portland’s west hills, Nob Hill/Northwest is “the sophisticate” of Portland’s neighborhoods. Sharing more than a passing similarity to its San Francisco namesake, “Northwest,” as locals call it, enjoyed a renaissance in the 1990s. Turn-of-the-century Victorians line the narrow streets, offering visitors a glimpse into the city’s rich architectural past. Storefronts were restored to their original splendor, transforming Northwest 23rd Avenue (“Trendy-third”) into a shopper’s heaven. Scores of whimsical, independent and sophisticated boutiques offer everything from tiaras to topiaries. Restaurants, pubs and cafes, many of which open to the street in warmer months, offer perfect vantage points for some of the city’s best people-watching. Rounding out the atmosphere of Northwest are the many trees lining the streets – an unusual site in most urban landscapes, but par for the course in Portland.

Northwest’s City Market and Zupan’s are urban neighborhood markets with a Pacific Northwest twist. Local farmers and seafood purveyors supply the markets – as well as Portland’s best restaurants – with Oregon hazelnuts, Marionberries, pears, salmon, oysters, cheeses and mushrooms. The majority of these items are grown, caught or made within an hour’s drive of Portland.

For a taste of Nob Hill/Northwest: Try the tempting Thai at Typhoon! and delightful desserts at Papa Haydn, both of which are found along Northwest 23rd Avenue. Nearby 21st Avenue (“Restaurant Row”) is a mecca for gourmands seeking to sample the local cuisine at some of Portland’s finest eateries, including Paley’s Place, Lucy’s Table and Wildwood.

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