Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm eatin' my oatmeal four stories up!

Good morning from PDX.

We made it. We're exhausted. We've got boxes all over the place. We've been sleeping fine. We haven't missed an episode of "Dancing with the Stars." All is right with the world!

The rain held off. In fact, the sun shined some of the time. The guys and their girlfriends worked and worked and worked. They stayed pleasant, even laughing now and then. Mama and I were good girls, too. I didn't stop to take any photos of all of their hard work, mainly because it took all of my brain power to contribute to the moving process.

I've made it to the office and back just fine, taking the 15 in the mornings and going the other way in the afternoons which means one transfer from the 4 or the 14 to the 15--not too much of a walk. This morning I believe I'll transfer on the way to work, though, because it's raining out. My shiny black rubber boots are not made for walking blocks and blocks, so I want to depart the bus across the street from my building. I'll take the 15 to the bus mall, then catch either the 4 or the 14, whichever comes first.

Finished my oatmeal, so gotta go get ready now. Bye.

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