Saturday, October 21, 2006

Look at this. Can you believe it?

The top picture is out the living room windows that look north. Barely visible behind that power pole is what's left of Mt. St. Helen's, over in Washington. It's the same height at the pole, in the picture, and just a bit darker than the glorious blue sky.

The next picture is the same view, pulled back to show the cross street, too. Can you believe that tree? We think it's a sweet gum.

Here's the crane and a bit of those apartments or condos from the other picture, the one I took out my office window. It's up the street directly west of our apartment. I took this picture by opening the living room window, putting my camera strap on my wrist, bending down a bit, and sticking my upper body out the window. Four flights up! I've gone bananas in my old age.

That's our car, behind the blue one. You can see the tag on the front; Oregon requires tags on both ends of the car. When I found that parking space, I had been lucky three days in a row, finding ones right next to the building or just across the street. I took this photo out the bathroom window, but I didn't hang out of it.

Last is another shot of the trees across the street, through the living room windows. Enjoy.

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Sonia said...

Wow! What a gorgeous view! Just beautiful!