Thursday, October 19, 2006

Looking from my work window towards our new neighborhood

Just outside my cubicle, windows line the entire floor, looking southwest, west and northwest. Our new neighborhood is in the Northwest, just before the Northwest Hills begin to rise quickly a few blocks away. I decided to take a photo focused on the Northwest. Later on I realized I was able to see a landmark of sorts, just up the street a couple of blocks.

If you're standing in the bedroom or living room and decide to open a window and stick your head out a bit, up the hill to the left you can see a tall yellow construction crane and up on the steep hillside, tan apartmens or condos with dark brown roofs, stacked almost on top of one another. I think there are eight of them.

In the center of the photo, you'll notice a dark reddish-colored building, with two white satellite dishes on top of it. Dimly in the background above it, right between the two large white round dishes and just a smidge to the right of a trapezoid-shaped, rusty-brown roof, you can barely see the yellow construction crane and the buildings, looking a little bit like eight teensy beehives.

I find it totally cool that I can sort of see where I live from where I work.

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