Thursday, October 12, 2006

In Leland's new Honda, on the road to Boring, OR

Lots has changed for all six of us, way up here in Portland. Leland and Cristina have moved in with her mom and step-dad, out on 367th, in Boring, Oregon. They're adding onto the house, sort of a glorified mother-in-law area. That great big hole in the ground that you can see through the window is where most of it will be. If it had not been a cloudy day, I could have taken some great shots of Mt. Hood, which is due left of the macrame thing hanging on the patio. Those pictures will come with time, I assure you.

In order to get back and forth from 367th (where he now lives) and 37th (where he works), Leland needed a car. Thanks to his wheeler-dealer girlfriend and her mom, he now has the deal of the century as far as I can see. They talked the dealership into an insert that protects the trunk, the license plate that won't run out until 2010, and lifetime oil changes for free, AND the new cute little Honda Civic cost no more than some used ones they'd been shopping.

When we rode out to Boring with Leland to see the blueprints and the big hole in the ground, Mama and Duncan enjoyed their ride in the back seat! Leland asked me to take those shots of that barn because he thinks it looks neat. How about you?

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Sonia said...

Love the photo of your Mama and Duncan! Just adorable!