Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gooooood Morning, A-mer-i-ca!

The sun has risen on PDX on Super Bowl Sunday! For your viewing enjoyment, two shots from our kitchen window, one of the many gorgeous sunrises I've seen since we moved up here.

Y'all pull hard for whichever team you love, or for whichever team you want to win because they beat your favorite team in the playoffs. As for me, I'm a Colts' fan, even if they did high-tail it to Indianapolis all of a sudden. I still remember the days of Johnny Unitas in Baltimore. My advice, if you don't have a clue who he is, take a look at these few paragraphs maintained on a Web site by Johnny, Jr. That'll fill you in, stat-wise. So will this career summary at

Truth be told, I do wish so much that the Saints were playing the Colts today. That would have been so fine. Didn't come about, though. Made me sad, too, when the Bears won that game because I wanted all of those Mississippi ties to be flaunted across the world in the gargantuan sporting event. Maybe next year, right? Until then, there's still that Manning Mississippi thing going on.

Anyway, it ought to be a great few hours later on today, what with the commercials, the football players and their coaches giving it their all.

And I cannot wait for Prince at halftime. Whoopee! When Lamont and Leland were young, Prince scared the hell outta me when we first saw him together on MTV. Not me, the music-lover-woman, me the mother-of-two-susceptible-little-boys. Thank goodness, we all grew out of that!

If you're havin' a Super Bowl Party, or goin' to one, take some pictures! I'd love to see 'em! At least e-mail me the menu!

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