Monday, February 05, 2007

Lamont's new bike ...

I took these photos in the lobby. As you can tell, I just barely got far enough away to get all of Lamont and the Masi. I like how this turned out though, with the sconces on each side of his head, how straight up he's standing, helmet and messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

This photo is taken from the other part of the lobby, one step up from the floor where Lamont stood.

Lindsay's bike was locked up outside; they ride all over the place together.


APotter said...

Lynette, that looks live a very nice bike. I am not all that use to seeing that type of a bike in a single speed... But know that messengers on the east coast use them all the time. Looks like a really nice one too.


Lynette said...

Andy, you and Lamont need to talk bikes sometime. He'd love it!