Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi! I Monster! Me Mama and me Grandma and me best bud Duncan said I should go online and wish y'all lots-a-love today. So, here I am! All three of them send you loads of hugs and smiles today.

Lamont, Lindsay, Leland and Cristina send you luv today--it's luv instead of love 'cause they're young and groovy, just like you!

Me Mom also said I should tell y'all to look for as many people that you love and give them a great big hug so they know you love them. Sorry I won't be there to help you look 'cause I can really see a lot with my big eye. Don't forget to smile at them, too.

You cannot see it, but I have a great big heart inside my little round kiwi-green-self, so I send you my love, too. I prefer to think of it has Happy V-Day myself. Think I should start a movement to change it? No. You're right. Why get Cupid's dander up?

Before I go, let me get in a plug for me Mama--I'm an art car that she made herself! Wasn't she sweet to give me this van decorated with so many googly eyes as my perch in life? I one happy monster, I tell you!


Ronnie Jacob said...

Dear Lynette,

I absolutely enjoyed you blog...! I have never been to America, but I think I now know a bit about Portland and a little bit about the people there. Smashing actually. Do keep it up, and thank you for the insight(s).

Lynette said...

Thanks so much for your lovely remarks. Mama and I are thrilled to get a comment now and then. Where do you live? Do you have a blog yourself?