Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here's what the girl with the pug saw

It's Devin Phillips, on saxophone, opening with a neat rendition of "Watermelon Man." They were the second act that I heard once I had arrived at South Waterfront Day Concert in the Park at the South Waterfront Neighborhood Park (3508 SW Moody Ave.). It was the same day I took the construction cranes either looking or not looking through my sunglasses. I have several more photos to share, too. It was a fun time for me, enjoying the music, the sun, watching people and their dogs and their children.
Here's the entire Devin Phillips Funk Band. I thoroughly enjoyed every song they performed. One of these days I'm going to catch them at a jazz club, too. There's one nearby that I can get to and from on the bus.

Here's a quote about Phillips and his band that I found at Devin Phillips Dot Com:

The Oregonian
A&E Nightcrawler
May 25, 2007

"The Devin Phillips Band: The story’s been in the air for a few years now: Katrina evacuee comes to Portland with his bags packed full of talent and ambition. With a lot of hard work, he becomes a staple in the funk and jazz scene, with regular gigs all over town."

Update--I went to the grocery story after work, filling the rolling black bag, an insulated bag, and a carry bag. Thanks to bungee cords and the wheels on the rolling black bag, plus the bus, I made it home with all of it. Mama put everything away, bless her.

We're watching, what else, Dancing With the Stars. When it goes off, I'm taking a nap until time to take Duncan out for his late walk. Then back to bed. I believe I'm getting stronger bit by bit. One more day of antibiotic. No fever or aches.


honesty said...

Ah, the rolling black bag! Ha ha.

I love the beautiful sax in the photo. I love the sound of them, the look. My son plays saxes. My dad played one too, and I remember the day he accidentally backed the car over his beloved sax in the driveway.

I hope you stay well. If it comes back and they want to give you more antibiotics, that's when you say, "Please do further diagnostic testing. Something ain't right!".

honesty said...

I meant, I love the big sax, probably a tenor sax? I don't know. The other, must be a sorprano sax? I don't know how to spell soprano. My son also played a really huge sax, think it was a bass sax? What do I know. I only play a piano, and not so well.