Thursday, September 18, 2008

Up Against It

Since Friday evening, I have been up against it, ill with fever, chills that jerked my hands, arms and legs, aches. The doctor diagnosed a urinary tract infection, once I felt like I could drive myself to his office Tuesday morning; my children were hiking and camping in the Mt. Hood area, as you can see if you scroll down to my Tuesday, Sept. 16, post. I am not back to normal, but I do feel like putting something on the blog--I have taken my last big white antibiotic tablet, but I don't think I feel as if I'm making much of a move away from it, as far as the fever is concerned for sure. I plan to call the doctor back tomorrow to seek a follow-up test and maybe a prescription refill.
Rest assured, I haven't felt good enough to feel guilty about missing these days of blogging, but in my heart of hearts, I have missed it deeply, which includes most of all visiting your wonderful blogs.

I haven't even turned on my camera--that's how bad it's been. I took these photos the same day I took the ones of the crane, either through my sunglasses or not. I posted them on Sunday, Sept. 14.

Upon reflection I realize that, before long, I will be far away from it and back in the swing of things.

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MissKris said...

Since having a complete hysterectomy in early April I have been plagued with UTI infections that escalated into a full-fledged bladder infection. NOT FUN!! Boy, do I sympathize with you. I ended up having a second major surgery last Thursday...gall bladder. Dunno if you ever go to my blog, but I posted a photo of my gall stone compared to an egg to give an idea of just how HUGE it is. My surgeon said it'd been so sick for so long he's sure that's what's been keeping me from getting fully back to health since April. It had everything plugged up and backed up with poison. So...this has defintely not been my year, I guess you could say. I hope this finds you feeling much, much better!! ((((HUG))))