Sunday, September 07, 2008

You say Aga, I say Frigidaire, and we're not calling anything off!

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Nesbitt’s Aga I feature our Frigidaire. Please forgive my pitiful paraphrase of Fred Astaire's "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off."

Not that I'm a jump-up-and-down fan of an electric stove, but it came with the apartment. And we put it to the best use we can.

Here's our dinner from last Thursday night. Corn on the cob, steamed broccoli, sauteed Walla Walla sweet onions and yellow squash and zucchini, and browned already-fully-cooked boneless smoked pork chops.

Look closely and you can see the steam coming from the Dutch oven and the boiler which I had removed from the eye of the stove--I didn't want the broccoli to get mushy.

I should have paid similar attention to the sauteed veggies--I over-salted them. I have to take responsibility for that, but I did have a new box of sea salt which for a novice sea-salt-user like me takes some practice. Since I ruined it, it seems fitting that I didn't get it in focus in this photo.
See Mama's cute little had in the upper left of the photo? She's digging in, ready to enjoy it all--then she tasted the veggies. I've learned my lesson.

Finally, I want to encourage the curious and the creative--that would be all of y'all--to click on the link to Mrs. Nesbitt's blog so that you can read about the Aga. Then, for all of you pet lovers out there, look on the right side of the blog for the photo of the German shepherd on the beach--it's the link to Wilma's blog. Wilma is the German shepherd, Mrs. Nesbitt is her mummy.

Now, I'm off to NASCAR where the Hanna-delayed race is about to begin in Richmond, Virginia. Go Junior!


honesty said...

Oh, good. I went back to where I stopped posting on your blog, August--The "F" photos about construction workers. I had thought you meant that I should quit posting to your blogs so much and get my OWN. I don't know much about blogging etiquette. I saw your comment, so I'm back to commenting, since I know it's OK. (I don't even know how to put pics from my dig. camera on to my computer, nor do I know how to put them on a blog.)

I do love me some Lynette and Mamma's stovetop photos. Your mention of Mamma's cute little hand was so endearing. I have a slab of ham in the fridge, so we'll have that tonight with the BEST home made biscuits (only they are frozen, and the brand is "Mamma's", ha ha. The buttermilk is the best. Just like mamma cooked. I have fresh yellow squash and onions to cook too. Thanks for the idea.

You and I being the same age, is that a Duncan Hines stainless steel pot with the broccoli? I got a set for a wedding gift in 1973!

honesty said...

No, I meant to say the brand of the frozen, uncooked biscuits is "Mary B's", not "Mamma's". They are spectacular, compared to the ones I try to make from scratch. DON'T cook them in a toaster oven! I took a batch home to Mamma's for Christmas, cooked in a toaster oven. The centers were raw.

Lynette said...

Thank goodness you're back.

Yes, that is a Duncan Hines boiler. It is from Mama's kitchen and gets lots of use in our kitchen. The stainless steel steamer that I got at Goodwill fits in it perfectly.

I imagine your dinner turned out very well. I think I've had those Mary B biscuits somewhere or other. Can't remember for sure. We're really lazy and use Grands in a can.