Monday, September 22, 2008

Say what?


To me, he's saying, "Come on. You know you want to come on down to the park." Well, I'm not quite ready for the park, but with this cute little guy's encouragement, I'm headed that direction. I made it through a two commutes and a full day of work. The only place I dozed while seated in my chair was for a few seconds at lunch. But, tonight after eating a bowl of leftover chili (I had cooked on Sunday), I took an hour and a half nap--thanks to my sweet Mama's doing the dishes, again. She's a sweetheart every single day. Now we're into the season opening of "Dancing With the Stars," a total addiction for the both of us.

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honesty said...

Lynette, I hope you are getting better. If not, get tough with your doctor. You might want to ask them to do some major diagnostic testing just to rule out the "bad" stuff. Besides that, even "bad" stuff can be treated. I really hope Mamma is giving you lots of home made chicken soup, the boys are bringing you something good to eat, and Duncan is lying down beside you. Let us hear how you are coming along.