Sunday, November 16, 2008

ELLEA, Friday, Nov. 7, and Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008

The four of us woke up Friday morning, knowing that, although we'd have the Buick by the afternoon (Leland's driving it to school weekdays), we were a pretty tired quartet of fun-havers. So, we decided to stay in on Friday, especially since we needed to have Lucy at the airport by 11 a.m. or so on Saturday.

You won't be surprised that they played Hand and Foot every spare moment--photos below. And after I got the car, I went to get my flu shot--I don't have a photo of that, though.
Shuffling the four decks of cards they use in Hand and Foot takes some time.
Then the hand and the foot are dealt. Both of them have their hands in the circular, plastic-canvas-and-yarn cardholders. Their foots (ha, ha, ha!) are on the table.
Lucy's discarding in the space for that in the two-space, rectangular, plastic-canvas-and-yarn deck holder.
I don't pretend to understand this card game, but I do know that part of it involves making numerous stacks of cards and keeping up with them.
Over in the afternoon, I made popcorn for everyone. Mama likes a fun-sized Milky Way with her popcorn. And that pink circle is a box of that stuff that makes your fingers tacky which certainly helps in picking up cards.
Once the game is over, the cards are counted. Four hands make a game of Hand and Foot, so keeping score each time is important--hence the pencil and paper.

Saturday morning we went back to the Bijou Cafe for breakfast.
Then we headed for the airport where I took these last few photos before Lucy went to her gate. In this one, they posed for me on the bridge between the parking garage and the terminal.
A shared last laugh in the elevator, on our way to check Lucy's really nice rolling black bag.
A good-bye, last photo together. We truly had a wonderful, wonderful time together and thank our Lucy very much for coming to visit us.

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