Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ELLEA, Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Over in the afternoon Wednesday, after I'd finished the chili--y'all, that's the first time I got finished eating raisin bran and a toasted English muffin and got up from the table and cooked chili--the four of us ventured out, first to the Tanger Outlet Mall where I found four comfy pullover, V-neck sweaters in vivid colors that I really like. Then we headed for Lincoln City's casino, Chinook Winds.

I like this photo a whole lot. What a cute, photogenic trio!

Evidently there had recently been some sort of giant pumpkin contest at the casino. The only other time I've seen giant pumpkins has been on the TV news, oftentimes when one is being dropped from a crane onto a clunker automobile to the delight of a crowd of pleased people.
That's the blue ribbon winner in between Mama and Lucy.
You can tell from that photo of Mama and Lucy in front of the pumpkins that our weather on Wednesday took a brisk turn. In fact, by the time I went out of the casino to check on Duncan who slept peacefully in the Corolla, curled up in that blue quilt--of course the darling dachshund wasn't allowed in the casino nor was he allowed to stay at the cottage all by himself--it was doggone windy and cold, with spitting rain. Once we got home, we not only warmed up with chili, we cut on the gas fireplace. Makes a pretty picture, doesn't it?
Mama's Aunt Eva made the quilt that Duncan loves. Here he is in one of the rockers in the living room, across the room from the fireplace.
I stood at the living room window and took a few photos--this one's my favorite.
We settled in for the night, watched the "Dancing With the Stars" results show before hitting the sack.

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